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Truck / Car Jumper and All Lap Tops Charger - Inverter

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95000 mAh / Peak 1100 Amps Car Jump Kit - Lap Top Charger and Multi Purpose Power Bank 

This is the smallest most powerful power bank in the World, for truck, car jump / lap top and other device charging.

This charger has an in built inverter and a Australian house hold plug so you can plug in and device up to 21 Volts.  This will charge professional video cameras, Apple Mac computers and many more devices.

1. Stunning Digital display.

2. Will charge all Lap tops, Run lighting , even a small TV

3. 12 Volt  car jump starter function.

4. Strong LED torch, SOS light and carry bag.

5. Multiple Voltage settings from 5 - 21 Volts.


Works With:

SLR Cameras, Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras, iPads/Tablets, PDAs, iPhones/Smart Phones, mobile Phone,iPods/MP3/MP4,PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles,Sat-Navs/.  



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