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Flat Attack 1

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Flat Attack 1 Emergency Powerbank

Flat Attack 1, is a key ring size, universal emergency mobile device charger, that operates on one AA Energizer Lithium battery. The device can charge an iPhone up to 37% and other smart phones up to 50%. This the back up emergency device.

Did we tell you, that if not used the battery will last over 15 years, if not used. So buy and store in your pantry, car or first aid kit ? Try that with a rechargeable device. 

But we give you 2 x AA Energizer lithium batteries. So when one goes dead flat, you just unscrew the device and place a new AA Battery and charge away.  YOU CAN NOT DO THIS WITH RECHARGEABLE Types. 

Flat Attack 1 is the perfect a gap filler for when you have no access to power, such as long power outages, car break down or remote areas where you have no power source or limited sun light to use our solar range. We call it the back up for the back up.

This is universal for android and Apple phones.

he driver delivers a 500mAh 5v output required for most mobile devices on the market to date. Power source = 1 x AA battery 1.5V (3100mAh).

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