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Why Does the New Samsung 7 Catch On Fire

So why has the new Samsung Galaxy 7 catch on fire.  No ones really knows not even the manufacturer.

Some people say its the charging lead (including Samsung)  but we have our own theory.

To understand lithium batteries and how they are charged and re charged you must understand, there is voltage regulators and DC to DC step up and down components etc (PCB).

Charging devices (mobile phones as well) are slim form factor multi platform charging devices that utilizes SMD componentry and multi-layer PCB construction to minimize footprint and increase efficiency.

Input voltage can be seen stepping through a transformer, and a series of protection diodes and filter capacitors to achieve around  500mAh 5v output required for most mobile devices on the market to date. This not only meets requirements for EMI and CE certification, but also provides a low noise output with sensitive electronics in mind

Now if  these regulators are too small or the step up components are cheap or lets say the same PCB as the older Samsung; but the new 7 has a bigger battery, then you can see that the older circuit and its components just cant take the heat - literally.

Now add re used lithium Ion to make the inner battery and you have some serious issues. No we don't know for sure about all this, but one thing we know is about lithium batteries with safe circuits as we make and sell portable chargers of all sizes. 

Look at this picture below we found a  copy of our All Day Charger and tested it and it was heating up when discharging into a mobile and also on AC charge.  FIRE just waiting to happen.

Now look below you can see our product, with the NON re used lithium battery, with its compliance markings and up tested with quality control. Look at the copy underneath and you will see no markings and its actually quite a bit smaller, although the copy claims its also 2500 mAh.

This image below you can see the size of the round black regulator on the left and ours on the right, its almost 40% bigger.

Samsung Galaxy 7 exploded


So be careful whether it be a mobile phone or a portable charger. Always do your research. Cheaper options are just a fire waiting to happen.

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