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Do Not Be Conned - Must read this

Flat Attack Series 3A power bank (20000mAh) 180 extra hours talk time.

There is no such device as a 50000 mAh and above charger, at this size. Do not be fooled buy other web sites. Other sites claim they are, but they are not and it would take 4 days to recharge them. Also you CAN NOT ship by air anything over 20000 mAh. So if you are getting a charger by mail guess what, it must be under 20000 mAh.

IATA you can take 100 Watt or 10000 mAh on a plane baggage that is it. Other wise it must be in cargo.

The Real Deal

Flat Attack 3 will fully charge an iPad 3 Tablet 4 times.  Also will charge a Mobile for 9 days.

On a work site ? Watch as your mates struggle to keep their phones charged on a work site.  You can share this charger with up to 4 people, as it has 4 charge points !

This power bank, is the most powerful charger for its size in the World. No other power bank can achieve this.  We only use the best quality inner core ( Samsung) Not cheap re used Lithium.

Flat Attack series 3, is perfect if you want to sit outside and entertain and not have to drag power leads and charging cables outside. You just plug in up to 4 charge leads and no more cords etc everywhere, and your phone is right at your side, to check messages.

“ Not all power banks can do the job “.


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