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Charges Every Mobile In The World

Next Generation Credit Card Size Charger.  One full speed charge.

Built-in lead that one side chargers Android and the other does Iphone 5/6/7. Also comes with the new type C adapter, for the Google Nexus.

This is the slimmest credit card size, phone charger, in the World. This a super light weight, speed charger that comes pre charged and you can charge most phones fully.

This is the only charger in the World that can charge every mobile phone on the market in the World, including the new Google Pixel.

Be the hero at any party, club or festival.  If you have one of our charges in your pocket, you can help anyone in need of a charge. Just watch your friends faces when you pull out and speed charge their phone. 35 minutes to charge your phone. 

Light on device will be on fully when charging a mobile phone and when you re charge, it flashes until fully charged and solid light. Charge cable included

Will Charge

iPhone 5/6/7, Samsung,Microsoft,Nokia,Sony, JG,HTC,Blackberry, Toshiba,NEC, Ericsson, Vodafone,Nexus, Google Pixel, Motorola, and Micromax Mobile Phones.

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