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Field Testing Of Our Camo Charger

Camouflage - 4 Panel Solar Charger

Works very well, we charged a mobile in 2 hours !

This charger has a female connection which allows toy to charge all of our chargers in our range. So if your remote and have used your power bank charger ( Flat Attack 3 )  after 7 days.

What do you do ? You use this super powerful solar panel charger to charge them back up again.

Super light weight and compact.This is the must have for every camper, backpacker, adventurer and military enthusiast. Ideal for situations where you need a light equipment load.

Great for anywhere, where you do not have a power source.

This 4 panel solar charger is made from the highest quality solar panels in the World. Finished in camouflage, very durable  and very quick to charge - this is a MUST have back up for all remote travelers and hikers.

To be specific, your iPhone battery holds a charge of 1,440 mAh, or about 5.45 watt hours. This charger has  8 watts of charge input - which can charge a mobile phone in 2 hours, or faster. 

This is universal for android and Apple phones.

This is a Solar Charge only. This charger will charge all of the power banks on this site as well.

This charger has been tested in the field by Ex Australian Army Infantry Forces


Massive 8W fold-able solar bag with 4 large panels

Voltage: 6V power: 8W current:1500mA

Very light weight:300g colour: camouflage color

It only takes 2 hours to make a 2000mAh standard mobile phone fully charged

This device does not store electrical energy, there fore no issues at all for airport security anywhere in the World.



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