Do You Want The Cheaper Copies To Burn Your House Down ?

Many customers have purchased from our online store and have stated that the quality of our products are bang on.

We keep saying if you see an item claiming it does this and that , but has a very low price, then we can guarantee that the lithium Ion inside is generally reused lithium. You get what you pay for.

We only source 100% original items and make our own as well !  Did you know that our Flat Attack 3 has a lithium Ion battery from Samsung ! Yes that's right not reused rubbish.

Do you want to take the risk of a fire in your house while these cheap versions are charging ?

Never leave your computer lap top on when you go out or any rechargeable devices.

All of our Products are tested by ex and present Australian Military Special Forces

Only takes 6 minutes for fire to destroy a house



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