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Not All Power Banks Are The Same

Flat Attack Series 3 power bank (18000 mAh) . “ Not all power banks can do the job “.

Flat Attack 3, is the only Power bank on the Australian market that will fully charge an iPad Tablet and then some.

Most power banks on the market (99%) are only a max of 13500 mAh, and retail at up to $189 .

If you want to charge a iPad or tablet you will require in reality a minimum, of 14500 mAh, due to background applications that are turned on.

This Power bank, is the most powerful charger for its size in the World. No other power bank can achieve this.  We only use the best quality inner core, from one of the Worlds leading laptop makers.

Your iPhone battery holds a charge of 1,440 mAh, Flat Attack will charge a iPhone up to 8 times. Yes that's over a  week.


Flat Attack series 3, is perfect if you want to sit outside and entertain and not have to drag power leads and charging cables outside. You just plug in up to 4 charge leads and no more cords etc everywhere, and your phone is right at your side, to check messages.

Traveling on a  aircraft this will enable you to watch movies with your iPad fully.

This is universal for android and Apple phones.

Flat Attack 3, also has a LED light that will last, 5 full days turned on.

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