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What Is mAh? (Milliamp Hours)

About Phone Batteries

Batteries are considered to be the heart of mobile phones. These small power houses supply the necessary oxygen needed for mobile devices to stay alive during usage or while in standby. Mobile phone batteries are generally made from nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, or lithium ion cells. These cells hold on to the electric charge and power up a mobile phone for a prolonged duration of time. With modern mobile phones becoming capable of performing more advanced features, the need for more battery life is only increasing. As a result, manufacturers are coming up with batteries with mAH ratings like never before. A battery's mAh rating suggests the capacity of the battery to hold power for a certain period of time. Smartphones are equipped with batteries capable of keeping the device alive for a couple of days, without being charged. With technological innovation at its all-time high, it would be interesting to see what new features do manufacturers come up with in the years to come.

What Is mAH rating?

All mobile phone batteries come with a certain capacity to store electric energy for a specific period of time. This capacity of the mobile batteries is expressed in terms of mAH. mAH stands for Milli-Ampere Hour and the rating defines the ability of the mobile battery to perform for a specific period, typically one hour. The higher mAH ratings are sometimes misunderstood as how fast the current is drawn from the battery. Rather, the higher mAH ratings indicate how long the current can be drawn from the battery until it is completely discharged. This is one aspect that almost every mobile phone user must consider before purchasing a replacement battery.

Standby Time and Talk-Time

A mobile phone battery's mAH rating determines the period or the number of hours or days a battery can keep the mobile phone alive on a single charge. For instance, a 1000 mAH battery is capable of providing 100 milliamps for a period of 10 hours, and a battery with 2000 mAH capacity can supply similar volume of current for a period of 20 hours. The larger the number of mAH rating on the battery, the less frequent would be the need to recharge the phone. The number of hours mainly varies across different OEMs or manufacturers and is also governed by the usage patterns.

mAH Rating

Standby Time (2G)

Talk-Time (2G)

1000 mAH

360-500 Hours

8-10 Hours

1200 mAH

450-560 Hours

10-12 Hours

1300 mAH

550-600 Hours

14-16 Hours

1450 mAh

360-800 Hours

15-18 Hours

2000 mAH

480-860 Hours

18-22 Hours

Cell Voltage

Mobile phone batteries are usually single cell batteries and operate on a 3.7V cell voltage; mobile phones are normally rated in Volt Amps. This suggests that the voltage of the mobile phone battery would last for a specific period at the given amperage (Milliamp Hours). If the amperage rating is too low for the mobile phone, the voltage drop will render the communication device non-usable after some time. This could prove to be fatal for the device in the long run.


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